Retirement Income Planning

Retirement should be a wonderful time of life. After years of raising a family, working, saving and investing you now have the time to do all those things you dreamed of- travel, spend more time with the grandkids, take up new hobbies, volunteer, join a country club, buy a boat or vacation home. So as part of the process we encourage our Clients to do this “Personal Planning” as this will be crucial to how satisfying and enjoyable your life will be in retirement.

The results of your “Personal Planning” will then determine what your planned income and expenditure might look like. Our job is to help you create a financial plan that will provide you with the income you need in retirement to have the lifestyle you planned. Your retirement will be much more enjoyable and stress free if your income is structured to fit your lifestyle choices and is guaranteed to last your lifetime. Main sources of income will come from Social Security benefits, personal pensions and your own personal investments and savings.

Using our powerful retirement income planning software we follow these foolproof steps

  1. Identify, analyze and input your planned expenses.
  2. Optimize and maximize your Social Security benefits.
  3. Compare your income and expenses to identify any shortfalls.
  4. Calculate the minimum amount of assets needed to create guaranteed lifetime income payments to eliminate the shortfall.

This guaranteed lifetime income retirement plan then gives us the freedom to invest the remaining assets for growth, inflation protection and legacy.