Our Story

Why we do what we do: And why we are different

After graduating from University College London in 1983 I built a career in financial services with Lloyds Bank Plc, Barclays Bank Plc and then 11 years with Bibby Financial Services. In 2002 I immigrated to the USA with my Wife Karen and 2 children, Thomas and Marcus as President of their North America division. After becoming increasingly frustrated with the “Corporate World”, we parted ways in 2007 so I could build my own financial services company.

We initially created Asset Wealth Management as an Insurance Marketing Organization to provide support and training to Financial Advisors across the USA.

What we found was how poorly the majority of Americans are being served by their financial advisors. Advisors tend to either focus on selling/managing investments or selling insurance based products: product focused not client focused.

We believe that Clients should have a clearly defined plan, not a “bunch of assets”. Unless you are very wealthy most people save and invest over 40 years and then need to USE those investments to replace the working income they need for their retirement.

Our approach is to first really get to know our Clients and help them create a robust plan that will make their retirement dreams a reality. We believe a written retirement plan is essential as it not only provides a “road map” but visually shows how your assets will work for you in retirement and maximize your legacy. We achieve this by our 3 step process.

Step 1

Optimize and co-ordinate your Social Security benefits. A sad fact is that 90% of retirees do not optimize their benefits and are potentially missing out on thousands of dollars from Social Security.

Step 2

Using our powerful software, build a unique retirement plan with the focus on allocating the minimum assets needed to create sufficient guaranteed lifetime income to cover basic retirement expenses.

Step 3

We are fiduciaries acting in the best interests of our clients using our tactical money management platform. We provide the very best in investment management services with an emphasis on both growth and preservation of a client's assets or in other words – making money and NOT losing money.

Guaranteed lifetime income is the key to a stress free retirement because we are living longer and therefore we must take longevity risk “off the table”. LONGEVITY RISK is a risk multiplier. By that we mean that the longer we live the more likely we are negatively impacted by the other risks facing retirees. Common sense should tell us that the longer you live, the longer your money has to last, the more likely you will experience stock market crashes, periods of high inflation or taxes, expensive health issues, or worse, exorbitant long term care costs and the list goes on.

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