Social Security Planning and Optimization

Social Security benefits typically provide between 40% - 60% of retiree income yet it is estimated that 90% of retirees do not optimize their benefits.  We all know that by delaying taking Social Security benefits you can potentially receive thousands of dollars more in benefits; however there is no “one size fits all” solution. The “best” time to start taking benefits depends on several factors.

  1. What is your current health and expected longevity?
  2. What other savings and investments do you have?
  3. Are you going to continue to work?
  4. What kind of taxable income will you have in retirement?
  5. What is your current family situation? - Are you married, divorced, widowed? Do you have a minor child?

And these are just the initial basic considerations! Social Security is a complex subject and making the best decision can mean a huge difference in lifetime benefits to you and your surviving family. Did you know that a married couple that has worked for 30 years could receive more than $1 million of combined lifetime benefits?

Trevor Patching is a National Social Security Advisor. NSSA® is the only Accredited Social Security Certificate program in the USA recognized by FINRA. One of our services and STEP 1 of our process is to input our client’s social security data into our powerful software program. This program can potentially “unlock” over $100,000 of hidden Social Security benefits. The program will calculate up to 4 different scenarios and show the most optimal filing strategies based on your individual circumstances and goals.